Kitchenaid Food Processors

Welcome to our site , where you will learn all you need  about how  food processors work, what size to purchase, what functions they perform and how they can make such an enormous difference to the time spent preparing food and the quality and look of the finished product.

Kitchenaid kfp7500OB 700 watt 12 cup food processor 201x300 KitchenaidfoodprocessorxWhile few of us can claim to be master chefs, many of us aspire to improve our skills, and impress our family and friends.

This is where the not so humble food processor comes into its own.

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Whether you want to make some gourmet meals, a hearty bowl of soup, pizza, pasta  or shred a mountain of cheese, help is always at hand with your food processor.

Food processers  with a full-size bowl usually have a capacity of 9-13 cups (2-3 liters).Full-size bowls generally have a capacity of 9 to 13 cups.Compact-size bowls can accommodate 5 to 7 cups,and mini-size bowls can fit 2 to 5 cups.this means that if you are a student in a tiny apartment, or a busy Mum feeding scores of hungry junior baseball players, you have all the help you need right on your counter top.

Check out how to use a food processor.

For many years food preparation was a massive time consuming chore, particularly in large industrial kitchen settings, so we sometimes forget how much time and work a food processor saves us.

 See the history of the food processor here.


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